how to get the most out of your giveaway campaigns

Nothing drives engagement and traffic to your social media page like a good giveaway or a good sales campaign. But are you getting the most out of your campaign? Or are you satisfied with just a few extra followers? You should be getting a lot more results than just new followers and engagement for a few days. Here are some strategies to help you maximise the results you get from your sales and giveaway campaigns.

Before The Campaign

Before you click on that “post now” button for your giveaway post, there are some things you need to put in place. Getting these things right helps you have a better chance of attaining your goals for the campaign. In addition to that, your social media will be overall much more better for it.

Optimise your profile and landing page

What do your prospective customers see when they arrive on your landing page? Do they find enough motivation to follow your account or are they unimpressed? While you use your giveaway / sales campaign to drive traffic to your profile or landing page, it should be optimised for conversions.

What do I mean?

All the information needed by your prospective customers to make a purchase decision should be readily available on your profile. Your offers, pricing, opening and closing times of your store, how to get in touch, customer reviews, every answer to every question they might want to ask should have already been answered on your profile page or landing page.

For Instagram, use the instagram highlights option abundantly. To showcase your products, store notice, terms and conditions, your CAC verification, everything. Use the pin option to pin the most important posts you have so they can see it faster.

All of these is so that your prospective customers have lesser barriers to face while making the decision to patronise you.

See @laptopbags_ng for inspiration on making your landing page optimised for conversions

Promote your giveaway

Do your best to promote your giveaway as much as possible, on all platforms available to you, in order to reach as many people as possible. Use every feature that can be applied to promote your giveaway on all your social media platforms. For example, use daily stories to create buzz. Create anticipation using countdown stickers. The algorithm rewards you for utilising the platform’s tools and pushes your content even further which is the GOAL.

Let your offer be irresistible

Make your offer practically irresistible and hard to ignore. This increases the number of people that will be motivated enough to participate. For example, your specific product in of itself as an offer may not attract a lot of interest as a giveaway prize. Cash prizes on the other hand as an offer is very attractive and will encourage more people to participate thereby getting you more profile views, engagement and brand awareness

Create the best giveaway post possible

Go all out when crafting your giveaway post. Everything from the visuals like the graphics and images to your captions and videos should be topnotch. You shouldn’t spare any expense or effort at ensuring it is inviting, intriguing and captivating. You might wonder why you have to go extra miles in attracting your audience when you’re already giving away your hard-earned resources for free.

Well, here’s why.

People actually have to be interested in what you’re giving away before participating. And how do you get them to see how valuable your gift is? Through your GIVEAWAY POST. With a post so boring or unattractive that the first instinct most people have is scroll past, you might as well just have told the algorithm, “hey, don’t bother pushing my content out beyond my regular 2000 followers”.

Farm engagement with your giveaway requirements

When running a giveaway, do all you can to give people the chance to keep talking about you/your service. This is quite the creative part so you have to give it a bit of thought. While the classic option of “tag 3/5 friends” in the comment section is a good way and will get you some engagements, you can achieve more.

A great way to do this will be asking a question your target audience will be genuinely interested in answering. After having them answer the question, you can then You can take this further by encouraging people to share it on their stories. While this might seem difficult, finding what genuinely interests your audience is all you need and you’re on your way to running your best campaign yet.

Leverage the power of hashtags

Create a hashtag for your giveaway (#WinWithBrandX) to track entries and build campaign identity. Then, mix in high-traffic tags (#giveaway, #contest) with niche ones (#skincareaddict, #glowingskin) that target your audience. You should also ensure your participants use the hashtag in their entries.

Get leads with Many Chats

Turn all your giveaway participants into leads with many chat automation. Many chat allows you to collect the emails of your giveaway participants, which you can later turn into buying customers with email marketing. Giveaways are too time and capital intensive for you to console yourself with mere social media followers.

Running The Campaign

When choosing the timing for your giveaway campaign, ensure it is both long enough for word to spread and short enough to maintain excitement. Keep the energy high through the contents with exciting updates like “Over 300 entries already”. Engage your participants’ entries and answer comments quickly so as to maintain momentum.

After The Campaign

After choosing the winner/s, don’t just let the fanfare die down immediately. Announce them in style, use reels, graphics and more to make it all the more exciting.

Analyse your results so you know exactly what worked and what didn’t during the campaign. Were your audience more willing to share than to comment? This gives you a valuable insight into your audience’s persona and can help you tailor your future content accordingly. Imagine it this way, if they were unwilling to write a few words of comment when they could get something out of it, why should they when they’ll have to spend their money?

Finally, your campaign has hopefully brought you new followers, keeping them with your brand can be tricky which is why it requires intentionality.

Welcome them warmly—perhaps with a DM series sharing your brand’s story or an exclusive “new follower” discount. Then, keep them hooked with a content strategy that mirrors what drew them in. And subtly, start teasing your next giveaway campaign. A “Stay tuned for our biggest contest yet!” can work wonders.

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