Sponsor a Eid Jilbaab 1st Edition (June 2024) Disbursement Report

Report on Sponsored Free Jilbab Distribution for Eid by Earning Mums


Earning Mums organized a special initiative to provide free Jilbabs for Eid, ensuring that those in need could celebrate the occasion with dignity and joy. This initiative was generously supported by donations, and the project successfully distributed Jilbabs to numerous beneficiaries.

Financial Summary

  • Total Amount Received: 538,350
  • Total Amount Spent: 514,000
  • Remaining Balance: 24,350

The balance will be allocated to continue providing free Jilbabs to those in need

Vendors and Beneficiaries

  • Number of Vendors Employed: 11 (Kwara State- 1, Lagos State- 3, Oyo State- 6, and Ogun State- 1 )
  • Number of Jilbabs Distributed: 40 (Kwara State- 4, Lagos State- 13, Oyo State- 19, and Ogun State- 4 )
  • Number of Beneficiaries: 40 (Kwara State- 4, Lagos State- 13, Oyo State- 19, and Ogun State- 4 )

Details of the Initiative

  1. Donations and Funding:
    • Earning Mums received a total of 538,350 from generous donors to fund the project.
  2. Expenditures:
    • The total amount spent on distributing the Jilbabs was 514,000.
  3. Distribution:
    • A team of 11 skilled vendors was engaged to delivered high-quality Jilbabs.
    • 40 Jilbabs were successfully distributed to 40 deserving beneficiaries, ensuring they had new attire for the Eid celebrations.
  4. Balance and Future Plans:
    • The remaining balance of 24,350 will be used to continue the initiative. Additional Jilbabs will be produced and distributed to more individuals in need, expanding the reach and impact of the project.

Impact and Benefits

The distribution of free Jilbabs had a significant positive impact on the beneficiaries. It ensured that they could partake in Eid festivities with new attire, boosting their morale and self-esteem. The initiative also provided employment opportunities for local tailors, contributing to the local economy.


The Sponsored Free Jilbab Distribution for Eid by Earning Mums has been a successful and impactful initiative. With careful management of funds and resources, Earning Mums has made a meaningful difference in the lives of the beneficiaries. The remaining balance will further extend this impact, allowing more individuals to benefit from the generosity of donors.

Earning Mums expresses heartfelt gratitude to all donors, tailors, and volunteers who made this initiative possible. Their contributions have brought joy and dignity to many during the festive season.

4 thoughts on “Sponsor a Eid Jilbaab 1st Edition (June 2024) Disbursement Report”

  1. May Allah bless the organisers donors and all participants.

    This initiative had really helped boost my business financial capacity.

    May almighty Allah reward each and everyone graciously

  2. May Almighty Allah continue to bless the donors and sponsors…

    Please I just finished my apprentice in Tailoring and I need financial assistance in buying weaving machine and other equipment….
    If I can get help I don’t mind…

    And I received my jilbab during Salah too May Allah continue to be with initiative

  3. Bakare Baseeroh

    I was among the vendors,may Almighty Allah continue to bless the sponsors and organizers of the programme. This initiative brought joy to the minds of the vendors and beneficiaries of the Jilbalbs. I pray Almighty Allah make us all to witness more of it and accept this act of sadaqoh from the sponsors and organizers. (Ameen)

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